The idea behind....S.H.E STRONG HUMBLE , and EXTRAORDINARY.

The idea behind S.H.E arose from a profound struggle—my battle with postpartum depression following the birth of my first child. Prior to this one of my many forms of self expression was and still is Fashion and femininity. Yet, with a significant weight gain of over 50 lbs, I feared that I was losing touch with my former self completely. 

My experience, mirrors that of countless other women navigating the complexities of motherhood. So all of this was normal However, I refused to resign to despair. Recognizing the imperative to prioritize my health and well-being, I resolved to embark on a journey of self-love and renewal. If I couldn't reclaim the Emilee I once knew, I was determined to embrace a new iteration—Emilee 2.0.
Through daily affirmations and fervent prayer, I reaffirmed my strength, sensuality, and success to be able to reach my goal . I nurtured humility, hope, and happiness within myself. I aspired to transcend the ordinary, striving only for excellence, and exceptionalism.
 I realized that to evolve into the best version of ourselves, we must confront our weaknesses head-on. And so, I took decisive action, I took the challenge and I conquered it !
My journey is not just mine alone—it is a testament to the resilience and potential within each of us. I implore anyone reading this to seize the initiative, to take that crucial first step toward self-improvement. Discover the latent power within you to reshape your circumstances and realize your fullest potential.
For I am, I was, and I will always be S.H.E